After Joe Strummer’s sudden death at the end of 2002, Richard Dudanski decided to organize two tribute concerts – one in London and the other in Granada, Spain – for his good friend and ex-101ers band mate. He reunited the remaining members of the group, and asked Tom Lardner to take on Joe Strummer’s role. Those two concerts left both musicians wanting to create music together – to do something more deeply based in rock. Out of this El Doghouse was born in 2004, with the band recording and bringing out its first album IN HEAT in 2005. The album was released by Andalucía Records, which had been set up by Richard and Joe in 1981 in order to put out the 101ers only album.
Richard’s son Guillermo Gigs Nother joined the band a bit later on bass, and El Doghouse brought out a mini-CD entitled SCREAMIN in 2006, along with a vinyl maxi-single SHUT UP (2007). More time in the studio resulted in a good amount of new material, which is now being released by the Basque label Gaztelupeko Hotsak in the form of the group’s second full album Howl – a disk full of rock&roll, punk-rock, funk, psychedelia, folk, reggae, blues, garage…all the music that Richard and Tom have been soaking up since their youth…

Disc Type: CD
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