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Take a handful of jazz standards – works of Ellington and George Gershwin- season with a pair of infallible “popular classics” as Roxanne (The Police) or Do not you worry about a thing (Stevie Wonder) and with a piece on bossa key  Samba Do Novo Amor and a beautiful composition of Aita Donostia-Oinazez-to round out its international flavor. The result: an exotic dish that will surprise diners who like the delicate flavors.

The pianist from Eibar Mikel Gaztelurrutia, who trained at the Taller de Musics in Barcelona, currently professor in Pablo Sarasate Conservatory of Pamplona, has embarked on an unusual challenge, fixing a colorful repertoire for a quartet of voices, and backed by a jazz trio captained by him. The voice is the real leitmotiv of this project, giving it unique: perhaps some small versions of it trite naivety of their choice, but all can appreciate a creative approach made from the affection and respect for original and a thorough and detailed work.

1- Roxanne- Sting

2- Caravan- Duke Ellington

3- Samba do novo amor- Mikel Gaztelurrutia

4- Do nothing till you hear from me- Ellington & Russell

5- Don´t you worry about a thing- Stevie Wonder

6- A blossom feel- Barnes & Cornelius & Jhon

7- I got rhythm- George Gershwin

8- Boulevard of broken dreams- Dubin & Warren

9- Take the  train- Duke Ellington

10- Mood Indigo- Duke Ellington

11- Satin doll- Duke Ellington

12- It don´t mean a thing- Duke Ellington

13- Oinazez- Aita Donostia

Disc Type: CD
Publication date: 2009/12/03
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