A matter of sincerity

July 13, 2012

We will get a chance to
hear him live at the Donostia-San Sebastian Jazzaldia (Jazz Festival), but the disc is already available on the ERRABAL
Jazz label.

Denbora Barik summarises the sensitive content of
Cantus Caterva: the theme is deployed like flowery Japanese wallpaper
which all of a sudden comes alive when whipped up by a gentle gust of wind
coming in through the window and making the leaves around us dance in a gentle
whirlwind. The music evokes not only Coltrane’s love of oriental sounds but
also Basque folklore which Hasier himself was to depict together with Iñaki
Salvador on that timeless canvas called “Faro” (Errabal 012), but the melody
and feeling impose themselves on modalisms
and experimentation. Other compositions conceal exploratory games full of groove (Tapitan Tabernicola),
small items tinted with nostalgia (Erakusleihoa), moments for
ingenuity and swing (Udantza or Eskola Loka), etc. not to mention, of
course, music capable of leaving one moved while using the absolute minimum.

Don’t expect a catalogue of percussion skills and complex rhythms:  Hasier Oleaga is much more than a great drums
player; those who are acquainted with him know that his music and his smile are
honest and contagious. More than anything, his music is capable of becoming
moved and moving others. A matter of sincerity

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