Bill Lyerly

American blues rebel Bill Lyerly has a fascination with Europe that follows the tradition of two other famous Bluesmen
with whom he has performed. Both John Lee Hooker and Bo Diddley found a
great echo in the Old World for their music, a scenario which has also
led Lyerly to establish himself in the Basque Country. This veteran
guitarist, singer/ songwriter and keyboard artist has had a magnificent
response from the public who flock to listen to his alternative blues.
Lyerly´s new album, Too Hurt To Cry, is a collection
of 11 songs recorded in the United States and mastered at the legendary
Abbey Road Studios in London. It features a duet with Lyerly´s long
time friend and multi-Grammy winner Steve Earle. As with all of his records, Too Hurt To Cry showcases Lyerly´s own unique vision of the blues and American roots music.

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