Requiem mess


“Requiem Mess” – Songs:
Lonesome Whistle (Bill Lyerly)
Widow And The Taxman (Bill Lyerly)
Daddy’s Got To Pay (Bill Lyerly)
Half Lap To Go (Bill Lyerly)
Down On My Luck (Steve Earle, Tom Benjamin)
Dark Glasses (Bill Lyerly)
Trying To Drink You Off My Mind (Bill Lyerly)
Hangmen (Bill Lyerly, Jordan Koronet)
You Can’t Teach Lonesome (Bill Lyerly)
When I Ride (Bill Lyerly)
Freeze Framed (Bill Lyerly)
Ain’t Goin’ Down That Road (Bill Lyerly)


“Requiem Mess” – Performers:
Bill Lyerly — lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, harmonium, and bag pipes
Clyde Mattocks — harmony vocals, dobro, pedal steel, banjo, mandolin, bass fiddle
Steve Earle — alternate vocal on “Hangmen”
Dexter Horton — drums and percussion
Hugh Floyd — electric bass
Walter Lyerly — fiddle
Jordan Koronet — harmony vocal and electric bass on “Freeze Framed”
Stan Jones — electric bass on “When I Ride” and “Down On My Luck”
Rob Keller — bass fiddle on “Hangmen”


“Requiem Mess” – Production: “Lonesome Whistle”, “Down On My Luck”,
“Dark Glasses”, “Freeze Framed” produced by Bill Lyerly and Benny
Dellinger “Widow And The Taxman”, “Trying To Drink You Off My Mind”,
“When I Ride” produced by Bill Lyerly and Keith Houston “Daddy’s Got To
Pay”, “Half Lap To Go”, “You Can’t Teach Lonesome”, “Ain’t Going Down
That Road” produced by Bill Lyerly and Clyde Mattocks “Hangmen”
produced by “The Twangtrust” Engineered by Benny Dellinger, Keith
Houston, Ray Kennedy and Jeffrey Grimes Recorded at Oz Music, Miles of
Music, and Room and Board Mixed at Oz Music by Keith Houston and Benny
Dellinger Mastered at The Kitchen Mastering by Brent Lambert

Disc Type: CD
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