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A few years back a group of young fans of black music with a preference for jazz and blues got together in the Soraluze (Gipuzkoa) youth centre to organise sessions for top musicians, mainly from the Basque Country and the rest of the peninsula, but also for any other instrumentalists passing through from other parts of Europe.

After using another place with a Billie Holliday emblem, the next step will be to bring out some albums in the Autumn of 2002 with the label jazz, in the widest meaning of the term, with the help of Gaztelupeko Hotsak.

It is a collection which is aimed at showing – without prejudice standard themes – own compositions of various musicians or bands. Digi-pack carton format. The first two works are from solo artist Miren Aranburu helped by sax player Jean Louis Hargous amongst others, and the young pianist Jon Urrutia.

Miren Aranburu Ensemble

Sant Pau 44

Jon Urrutia

Teresa Zabalza


Victor De Diego

Zafari Project

Terela Gradin Quintet


The Heckler

“Iñaki Salvador”:/Errabal/Inaki_Salvador

Jeronimo Martin Trio

Magnus Mehl Quintett

Dinbi Danba

Josetxo Goia-Aribe

Joserra Senperena


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