is a free topic project conceived within his master’s degree in Musikene (San
Sebastian) music school. It was recorded live a year ago with hardly any
touch-ups, to maintain the freshness and original spontaneity as a faithful
reflection of the magical connection that operates between the band: Satxa Soriazu on piano, Javier Callén
on double bass, Miguel Moisés on
trombone and Juanma Urriza on drums.

Ennio Pinillos, after finishing performance and research
master’s degree in at Musikene, he teaches at Advanced Music Conservatory of
Navarra. He combines all this with his own ensemble “Ennio Pinillos
Quintet”, as well as “Jonathan Hurtado & Ennio Pinillos” duo
and José Barrio Quintet.

Satxa Soriazu, from San Sebastian, is also a graduate of
Musikene and has a degree in jazz. He is a member of Up Quartet, El Eje Jazz
Group, RS Faktor, The Spring Onions, Alberto Arteta Group.

Javier Callén was born in Monzón (Huesca) and graduated in
Jazz at Advanced Music Conservatory of Navarra. He has worked as a teacher and
professional musician in different areas and has taken part in many projects,
specializing in jazz in recent years.

Miguel Moisés is a member of the explosive Salsa Tromboranga
and leads his own project Miguel Moises Quintet. Navarrese drummer and composer
Juanma Urriza is one of the leading exponents of the latest generation of Basque
musicians, and one of the Basque “sidemen” most sought after by all
types of musicians due to his personal and recognizable style. He also leads
his own project as Juanma Urriza Laukotea.


exquisite music causes more questions than certainties. It suggests much more
than it initially shows. Everything is in our mind and its scope is infinite. Sax, double bass, trombone, piano, and drums.
Basic elements of a sound and a serene lyricism calmed but full of touching
nuances, hard to label despite its classic manners.


Pinillos has always sought a personal path along his career, taking care of an
aesthetic that acts as a common thread of emotions, beyond musical styles that
may have influenced him and the effect that this beautiful music makes in our

sensitivity and enough maturity and confidence to let the imagination fly and
explore that hidden side of our mind, where ideas and sensations develop to
surprise us due to their rapturous beauty.


One can´t
explain how it is possible not to have seen them until now. A
small milestone in the universe of jazz and free music in the Basque Country




Disc Type: CD
Publication date: 2022/02/16
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