Motel room blues


«Motel Room Blues » – Songs:
I Caught The Blues From You (Bill Lyerly)
Gimme All Your Lovin’ (Bill Lyerly)
I Can Find Love (Bill Lyerly)
Crazy, Lonesome And Blue (Bill Lyerly)
Bangin’ In The Dunes (Bill Lyerly)
Only Want To Be With You (Bill Lyerly)
Widow And The Taxman (Bill Lyerly)
Trying To Drink You Off My Mind (Bill Lyerly)
Motel Room Blues (Bill Lyerly)
Highway Of Pain (Bill Lyerly)


«Motel Room Blues » – Performers: Bill Lyerly — lead vocals,
electric and acoustic guitars, piano, organ, and harmonium Dexter
Horton — drums and percussion Hugh Floyd — electric bass Special
Guests: Griff — piano and additional vocals on «Bangin’ In The Dunes»
Linda Little — additional vocals and harmony on «I Caught The Blues
From You» Jeffrey Grimes — saxophones and horn arrangement on «Highway
of Pain» Keith Houston — bass on «Motel Room Blues» and «Highway of
Pain» The Shama Lama Choir — Butch Halpin; Vince McDougald; Jeffrey
Grimes; Stanley Hartley; and Allan Eldridge on «Bangin’ In The Dunes»


«Motel Room Blues » – Production: Produced by Bill Lyerly and Keith
Houston for Dunn Deal Productions Project Directors: Marion Carter and
Mike Farver Engineered and Mixed by Keith Houston at Oz Music, Dunn, NC
except «Only Want To Be With You» and «Trying To Drink You Off My Mind»
Co-Engineered with Benny Dellinger Mastered at Oz Music by Keith
Houston and Lee Wallace

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