More circus than ever



The circus has always been special, that’s why you can not enjoy it every day, because it is something that happens only sometimes. Sometimes they pass through our town or city and if we are not vigilant, we lose it. We knew the band Cool Circus in 2008 when they published “Spend all you´ve got ” a 10 ” vinyl. Taking over from the missing Hellacopters, they offered us a unique spectacle of hard-rock, high-energy and punk-rock. But life in the circus is thus, the same way they came, they have gone, not without first giving fire to the road.

Now, two years later, we got them back with caravan and all, and come to teach this new work on canvas. As soon as we entered the tent we will realize that they are dressed in best clothes, or perhaps have not yet spoiled. Have been reflected in the bright years of the 70’s and offer hard-rock written in capital letters, crushing rhythms, round melodies and  very prominent guitars.Thin Lizzy will be the first out, but then comes Mott The Hoople, Gluecifer and many others. In this work, the show has a different tempo, quieter and with a cleaner guitar, and have achieved new records to the voice.
What are you waiting? The show will begin!





Disc Type: CD
Publication date: 2010/05/11
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